Let's pretend for a moment that a major Hollywood studio picked up the rights to make Guild Wars 2 into a movie. Let's also pretend that it will be good, seeing as Hollywood seems to have some trouble when it comes to making movies based on games. Really the story of Guild Wars 2 is far too much for just one movie, so you know what that means…new cinematic universe! Who would they cast? We’re going to be looking primarily at Destiny’s Edge, Dragon Watch, the personal story and the Living Story Season 1. These won’t all be just one movie, in fact, season 1 should be a movie all its own but for the sake of ease, we’re combining the casting for everyone up to the end of season 1. We’ll look at Heart of Thorns sometime in the future.

Logan Thackery – Chris Hemsworth

Guild Wars 2 Movie

All around Divinity’s Reach Logan Thackery has stolen the hearts of young women. He’s handsome, charming, has an amazing voice, and he’s powerful. Nevermind that his heart belongs to Queen Jennah. To play the charming Guardian we need an equally attractive man, someone who looks good with long hair and has a voice that makes women weak in the knees. Enter Chris Hemsworth. Well known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth meets all the requirements to play Logan. He’s strong enough to be an armor wearing Guardian, attractive enough for the ladies, and he has a gorgeous voice. Unfortunately, he isn’t very good at not being Australian. In all his roles his accent comes out and he has openly admitted he struggles with accents but if he could manage to drop that accent for an American one, he would make the perfect Logan.

Eir Stegalkin – Gina Carano

You saw her kicking ass in Deadpool. Maybe you even followed her when she was an MMA fighter. You can even see Gina Carano in Red Alert 3. Now we’re casting her as Eir, the badass lady with sweet curves and an adorable doggy. Finding someone who could play Eir was no easy task. She’s tall, curvy, buff, and a complete badass. Her voice may not be a match but there aren’t many actresses who sound like Jocelyn Blue.

Caithe – Sofia Boutella

The first Sylvari that I considered in my film casting was Caithe. As someone who mains a Sylvari, Caithe has been with me from the beginning of my Guild Wars 2 journey and if I’m honest, I’m still a bit hurt about that whole stealing the egg business. Despite my issues with her, she would play an important role in the movie. Whoever is cast to play Caithe would be covered up with makeup and prosthetics so looks don’t really matter much. What is important is being able to move, that’s why Sofia Boutella came to mind. In Kingsman: The Secret Service she plays Gazelle, a kick-ass woman who is light on her…uh…blades. She’s proven that she can move like Caithe. In Star Trek Beyond she played Jaylah, proving she can pull off the non-Human look and act.

Trahearne – Benedict Cumberbatch

This won’t end well. When casting Trahearne it’s all about the voice. Though being a tall, slender man doesn’t hurt either, but the voice is where it's at. Luckily for us though, Benedict Cumberbatch fits all of the criteria to play Trahearne. He has a powerful voice and the perfect body to be Trahearne. Benedict Cumberbatch also has the right face for the role, with somewhat of a pointed chin. The only downside is how little of him we will see in the Heart of Thorns movie.

Forgal Kernsson – Ron Perlman

It wouldn’t be a proper movie of the early game without the mentors and Forgal Kernsson was the easiest to cast. Ron Perlman can do big, we saw that in Hellboy. He also has the roughed up, aged look that is necessary for playing Forgal. Though his time in the role would be short, he’s perfect for it.

Sieran – Jewel Staite

Picking someone to play Sieran was one of the most difficult for this entire list. You need someone innocent and playful who you aren’t afraid to facepalm at. While I’m not completely sure about this casting, I think Jewel Staite has the innocent role down pretty well. There may be a better fit for Sieran I’m just not sure who.

Marjory Delaqua - Rinko Kikuchi

You know the name Rinko Kikuchi if you’ve seen Pacific Rim. If you haven’t seen Pacific Rim stop everything you’re doing and go watch it right now. I’m not sure it’s actually possible to get Marjory’s voice right at all, though if her voice actor Sumalee Montano were a little bit younger she would actually be a perfect fit. Instead, I’ve gone for Rinko Kikuchi who has the right face shape and is the appropriate age. It will take a LOT of voice training to get Marjory’s voice, but because the voice is such an important part of Marjory I would be willing to see how Sumalee looks next to…

Kasmeer Meade - Hayden Panettiere

Finding a young blonde in Hollywood isn’t difficult at all, though many of the stars you first think of are actually a whole lot older than you would think. It is Hayden Panettiere’s work in Heroes that has proven her the ideal fit for Kasmeer. She does the cheerleader, slight bit of an airhead act very well. She also has the right amount of innocence to her face.

Braham Eirsson – Noah Gray-Cabey

Another star of Heroes that would be in the cast of Guild Wars 2 the Movie is Noah Gray-Cabey as Braham. He’s not a little kid anymore though. He’s all grown up now and the dude is buff! He may be a little bit short to play Braham, but then what Human isn’t? It’s just really unfortunate he has to sport that terrible hairstyle Braham has. On the other hand, red might be a good look for him.

Scarlet Briar – Aubrey Plaza

When casting Scarlet Briar the most important thing, for me at least, was the crazy eyes, and if you’ve seen Legion then you know exactly how crazy Aubrey Plaza can look. The fact that she’ll be covered in makeup and prosthetics means that her appearance doesn’t really matter much but her eyes will always be her eyes and it will be important for Aubrey to use them in this role.

And that is the cast! You may have noticed there were a few people missing, specifically all the Charr and Asura. They’ll be played by Andy Serkis, all of them, even the women. Benedict Cumberbatch will also play the voice of Zhaitan.

What did you think of my casting? Was there anyone you would have cast differently? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.