We’re back in the thick of the dramatic goings on this week as things continue to unravel at Blizzard. And as other companies show their support, more employees have decided to leave.

Ubisoft Employees Show Solidarity

Video game companies being in the firing line for misconduct is nothing particularly new. A tragic sentence to have to write. But just ask the employees of French studio Ubisoft, who last week rallied behind their Blizzard comrades. Thousands of current and former Ubisoft employees, who recall a similar debacle within their own studio last year, have signed an open letter condemning the inaction of Ubisoft and declaring solidarity with the workers of Activision Blizzard.

The letter suggests that, in the wake of the insufficient response from their own company, top game industry developers should instead collaborate to develop an industry-wide process for handling reports of discrimination and misconduct.

Ubisoft Employees support

“We propose that ActivisionBlizzard, Ubisoft and other industry-leading publishers and developers collaborate and agree to a set of rules and processes for handling reports of these offences,” The letter states. “This collaboration must heavily involve employees in non-management positions and union representatives. This is essential to ensure that those who are directly affected by these behaviours are leading the change.”

Following insufficient action across the industry in the face of these allegations it seems that Ubisoft employees are right in driving for more widespread action. Whether this open letter has the desired effect, however, remains to be seen.

Daisy Designer Leaves

Daisy the Sloth was a regular on our WoW Wednesday segment for a spell. The impossibly cute back-swinging pet was part of a charity drive that only increased her value tenfold. And now, Daisy’s creator, Ashleigh Warner, has announced her departure.

Warner was Blizzard’s Senior Environment/Prop Artist and has left after eight years on the Prop Art team. She was also responsible for creating transmog glasses and the Elekk Plushie.

On Twitter, Warner stated “Yes, I had bad experiences there like probably every woman, and the lawsuit played into my decision to leave, but I have so many great memories too. The main reason I’m leaving is that I’m super excited about an opportunity to do something new! More on that soon.”

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