Ray Media has announced today that all of their 15 servers have been merged into one giant server, for their browser MMO Unlimited Ninja. Players have been complaining about the consequences of a merger this size due to the level gaps, however many veteran players have returned to Unlimited Ninja as a result so the server is alive and kicking again.

Unlimited Ninja

Players may still enjoy their original Naruto artworks or choose their own favorite characters from the Unlimited Ninja game after the merge. The artworks are mostly based on the highly popular Naruto manga series, retelling the story of the famous anime. Ray Media is also taking special care of the long-term players who have been part of the game since the start. After the server merge, they are called back and might even get something special for rejoining the game. Now that the original Naruto style in the game has returned, it's time to follow the way of the Ninja once more. Ray Media shares with us the promise that they will continue to maximize the "Ninja world experience."