City of Steam is a browser based MMORPG that is currently under development by Mechanist Games. This is the first title released by Mechanist Games; its alpha test is being launched this month, featuring a Steam Punk style, or as the developers are calling it, “Industrial Fantasy”. As the game is only in its alpha stages a lot of features are not yet ready.
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**Character Creation**
Starting strong, City of Steam offers a large number of races to choose from, nine races to be exact. Each race has different base stats that complement each class and play style. The nine races are Heartlanders, Avens, Osternians, Stogimari, Draug, Riven, Goblins, Hobbes and Orcs. Although some of the races are Humans just from different regions, there is still a great range of races to select from.
After selecting your race you have to choose between four different classes, Archanist, Channeler Gunner and Warder. The Archanist, a mage type character, uses Staves, Wands and light armor, the main vital being Logic. The Gunner, a ranged weapon-orientated class, uses Muskets, Pistols, Blunderbuss’ and Light to Medium Armor, the main vital being Agility. The Warder, a warrior class, uses Axe’s, Polearms, Swords and they wear Heavy Armor and shields. The last class is the Channeler, a healer or support role class. They use Polearms or lances; they use Medium Armor and shields, the main vitals Mass and Ethos.
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Combat in the alpha isn’t what you’d call “riveting”, this being because the developers are still currently working on many of the combat aspects of the game. You click the skill icon, you attack — it couldn’t be more straight forward. But when the developers introduce elements such as knockback it should produce a more fun and enjoyable combat experience. Having to strategize for each enemy, kite for your life and dodging special moves are just some of the things I enjoy while playing an MMO, and could definitely make City of Steam a lot more enjoyable.
**The World Machine**
The world machine, made of six gears that constantly turn, holds the main areas for the game. “Long before the existence of men, a world was born. But this world was unlike any other – it was not created by chance, natural forces, or by eons of evolution. This world was birthed in celestial alchemy, divine engineering and godly sorcery. There are four Elemental Spokes, Steam, Coal, Rust and Oil. Under the major plate lies the Minor Plates and surrounding it are the three Aetheric Spokes: The Drive Spoke, the Rhythm Spoke and the Bearing Spoke.”
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Right now in the alpha stages there isn’t much to do or really have fun with. It’s more of a sneak peek into what the environment and feel of the game is going to be like. From what I have seen though it does offer the potential for an enjoyable gaming experience. From keen and community active developers to interesting worlds, you can see that this is a world that could shape into a very nice game.
More to come in the Closed Beta; stay tuned.
*—James Creaton*