One of the most unique features in Albion Online is the option for players to purchase their own private islands. Private islands are now getting additional functionality because of how well they were received.

Albion Online

During the past few tests for Albion Online, players could purchase islands where they could build houses and decorate them, but that was about it. Player feedback has encouraged the team to expand upon that idea and make the concept more fun.

“Currently, we plan on having a total of five levels of private islands. The higher levels offer some additional decoration options, and, most importantly, additional building and farming plots. Guild Islands will be upgradable as well.”

Players can start by purchasing a private island in one of the major cities. Islands act as hideaways for players and initially come with a specific number of building and farming plots.

“With our new system, however, you can now expand on the number of plots. It will be possible to upgrade your island with an investment of Silver. Your island then gets cleared of rubble and other obstructions to your expansion.”

With additional space, there’s more work that can be done. Instead of requiring players to do everything manually, laborers will be available for hire that help players gather resources and perform additional tasks. Currently, there isn’t a lot of specific information, but Sandbox Interactive promises a more detailed reveal about player islands in the future.

Source: Sandbox Interactive