Following a lengthy inquiry, Valve bans Team Fortress 2 hackers, including nearly 200 competitive players, who have been using a program known as LMAOBOX, a well known and difficult to detect cheating utility. LMAOBOX would assist players by adding automatic aiming to their weapons or removing weapon recoil, thus giving players using it distinct advantages.

Valve Bans Team Fortress 2 Hackers

A list of Team Fortress 2 players belonging to the United Gaming Clans league who were impacted by the bans was created by snowblindfrog, head of league operations as well as data and web manager of the UGC. At the moment, there is no official statement available regarding the number of players from outside this particular gaming league who were banned, nor how far back in time Valve will go with banning players for having used this utility. The LMAOBOX utility has managed to go undetected by Valve's anti-cheating technology for quite a long time and the LMAOBOX website had claimed that the utility was VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) proof.

Our Thoughts:

As hackers and cheat utilities like LMAOBOX become more sophisticated, cheaters, particularly when those cheaters are using such subtle methods, are increasingly difficult to detect. With the rise in popularity of eSports - and the incredible amounts of money that are circulating within the wider eSports industry - detecting cheating becomes even more critical. Having your day ruined by a hacker is bad, but losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in prizes - or more - is so, so much worse.

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