Venus Rising, the adult MMORPG based (loosely) on Greek mythology, is now accepting applications for Beta.

Venus Rising Beta

Venus Rising Screenshot

Venus Rising officially launched Beta this morning. Lifetime members ("you know who you are," says the official press release) are already in Beta and should not worry about re-registering for this release of the game. They might have to reinstall the game client, however.

New members can register for Beta access here.

Venus Rising

Venus Rising (as the game's witty title suggests) is an adult-only MMORPG that focuses on sex and combat.

From the official webpage:
Welcome to the worlds first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for Adults only. Venus Rising not only has sexual content but also has mainstream game play such as combat, Questing and Housing. No other game has all of this and we are growing. We are constantly adding new features, content, game mechanics, and sexiness. Apply for a Beta key or sign up for our newsletter and watch for our official launch in Late 2014.

Players craving intense online sex, combat, and questing should sign up and try Venus Rising. Get Greek!

Source: Venus Rising

(I need two more words to hit the minimum word count. Um. 'Penis Rising.')