After what seems like an eternity, Blade and Soul is coming to the US and EU. With it come uncensored characters, the first three story acts, English voice over, and translated story elements.

Uncensored Characters

Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul has received a lot of press for some of its gratuitously endowed female characters.The characters have become a staple for the game, and designers have assured us, according to their most recent announcements, that these characters will not be censored in the western version of the game.

The First Three Acts

As hinted in the Four Guardians trailer, the western version of Blade and Soul will release with the first three story acts. In total, there are currently six acts. The remaining three acts will be released as expansions in the US and Europe. Closed beta will test how fast players blow through these initial acts.

English Voice Over


As suggested, the western version of Blade and Soul will ship with English voice overs. Though a lot of fans requested the original voice acting (with English subtitles), NCSoft has decided to move forward with their current release. They have suggested, though, that original voice acting might be released as a voice pack in an expansion or a DLC.

Translated Story Elements


Though NCSoft has tried to remain faithful to the original material, certain story elements and names have been changed for western release. Most notably, the name Kun has been changed to Yun (to avoid confusion with American racial slurs). Most of the jokes, dialogue, and story elements have been localized, making the port more than just a simple English translation.

For more information, visit the official website.

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