Since WildStar is shutting down, players assumed that a great deal of plot details would be left twisting in the wind. A blog post shared on the game's website, however, has offered the final pieces of the WildStar world story to help provide a least a bit of closure for fans of the MMO's lore.

wildstar world story

For those unfamiliar with the story of WildStar, it was discovered by players in one of the game's last major narrative updates that Drusera and the malevolent Entity were one and the same. The forward story beats, naturally, involved players working to split the two and destroy the Entity once and for all.

Performing this task would involve players working with a supercomputer named the Beholder to collect pureform primal essences of Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, and Life, then bring them to a hidden location to create a device capable of splitting Drusera and the Entity. After that, player characters would be tasked with completing the Beholder's trials, and then ultimately asked to face the Entity itself.

The story steps in question all read like they were planned to be either high-level instances, dungeons, or raids, and the story even ends on a cliffhanger of sorts with the allusion that the Eldan Armada itself would be returning to Nexus. For those lorehounds out there who haven't already read up, you can get the complete details here.

Our Thoughts

While it is nice to learn how the rest of WildStar's story played out, we also can't help but feel these encounters would have been a huge deal of fun to play. Regardless, it is very good of the folks behind WildStar to offer this bit of wrap-up for the fans.

Source: official site