In a cosmic turn of events for naval war simulator, World of Warships: Legends, players will be able to take their battleships to the stars as part of a ‘Stellar Clash’ game mode until 12th April. We know what you might be thinking: World of Warships in space? During 1st April? Are you a fool? And while that is partly correct, it’s worth noting that the event is already underway.

This isn’t the first time that World of Warships in space has been a thing. The April Fools event also took place on PC’s World of Warships back in 2019 and even several years before then. This time, on consoles WoWS: Legends players are given a choice of three spaceships to commandeer with three new commanders, including:

  • John Luke Pickup’s ‘Alldestroyer’

  • Shelly Beapley’s ‘Galaxy’

  • Space Fishy’s ‘Rover’

Players will then engage in a free-for-all on the edges of the galaxy, against one-another and a looming alien threat. Because, even in space, we can't all just get along. Each battle will comprise nine players plus a swarm of extra-terrestrial invaders fighting for control of a system. From there, players must become the last remaining survivor or occupy the control zone to seize victory.

World of Warships in Space

The map will also contain various boosters to sway the cosmic tide, from HP regeneration to faster reload times. No battle is the same either, as different opponents and situations will arise, designed to test each captain’s skill as the battlefield morphs with each skirmish.

By participating in the Stellar Clashes, players can earn Stellarchips which can be exchanged for permanent space skins for various ships. They will also unlock the three commanders for regular use. Numerous skins and items are exclusive to the event, with the rare premium destroyer Yukikaze awaiting as a top prize for the most successful captains.

Head to the official website for the full lowdown on the WoWS: Legends April Fools event and get ready to wage naval space. Take it, Tim Curry:

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