Wargaming.net has announced that the first massive content update for World of Tanks on Playstation 4 has gone live, worldwide. The update adds British tanks for Playstation 4, bringing the number of playable nations in the PS4 version of the game to 4.

British Tanks

The Playstation 4 version of World of Tanks has been live for less than a month, launching on January 19, and has already passed 1 million downloads. This huge update for the immensely popular game not only adds new tanks, but new maps. The British tech tree adds over 40 vehicles to the World Of Tanks lineup, including such legendary vehicles as the Crusader and the Cromwell. A full range of light, medium, and heavy tanks have been added for the British forces, along with tank destroyers and artillery.

Also in this update, eight battlefield maps from the PC version of World of Tanks have been added to the Playstation 4 version of the game. Classic battlefield maps like Siegfried Line - War and Murovanka have been introuced, giving players more new places to fight! Players interested in reading about all of the new tanks and maps can go to this link to learn more.

Our Thoughts:

It is no secret we love Wargaming.net and World of Tanks; the news that this update introduced British tanks for Playstation 4, along with a bunch of new maps, three weeks after the game has gone live is just amazing, frankly, and is a perfect example of WHY 1 million people have downloaded the in 3 weeks.

Source: Press Release