It's double the reason to celebrate for World of Tanks Console as today marks the fourth World of Tanks Console anniversary as well as a new high watermark for the game's player numbers with 14 million players across the globe.

world of tanks console anniversary

World of Tanks Console has certainly ballooned between now and its initial launch on Xbox 360 in 2014, boasting 660 tanks from nine different nations and 90 different maps added to the game since then, not to mention its expansion to other console platforms.

To mark both the new playerbase milestone and four years of blowing one another away with tanks, WoTC will give all players who log in and win in one multiplayer battle a Japanese Tier II Ashigaru Te-Ke. There will also be a 5x XP for today only, February 9th, along with War Party event that multiplies XP running between now and February 12th.

Wargaming will also be holding a giveaway on social media for four unique art prints created by artists such as Tank Girl's Brett Parson, Russian illustrator Aleksey Rico from Stalker, and Black Mirror artist Butcher Billy.

All of the anniversary happenings are available for reading on this website, along with an infographic full of trivia. There's also a trailer marking the celebration that can be seen below.

## Our Thoughts

14 million players and four years is quite an achievement, so we want to offer congratulations to Wargaming for making what's easily one of the most popular tank-based multiplayer titles out there. Here's to many more years to come!

Source: press release

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