The Winter Showdown event for World of Tanks has arrived. The new mode features 8-bit tanks in all their glory. There are three different tanks for you to try out in an event only exclusive map. The new map allows players to fight in Mega Platoons of five players instead of the normal three.Today at 2 PM PST ( 5 PM EST) Wargaming will be streaming the new map on Twitch with a live Q&A with the games producer.

For more information on the Winter Warfare event for World of Tanks, please visit the official website.


Winter Showdown offers 3 original 8-bit vehicles, including the powerful Mammoth heavy tank, the fearsome Polar Bear tank destroyer, and the nimble Arctic Fox light tank on an exclusive snow-capped battlefield. New mega platoons will be available only for this new mode which allows tankers to platoon with five players instead of 3.

The new mode also offers different game setups for players to choose from including two mega platoons vs. two mega platoons and 10 vs. 10 in random battles.

To celebrate the addition of Winter Showdown, Wargaming America will be livestreaming the new mode on Monday Jan. 26, from 2-3 pm PST with World of Tanks producer Q&A.