World of Tanks is a historical online tank game by developer and publisher Today the developer announced that it has partnered up with charity organization War Child UK for a new charity campaign called 'Real War Is Not A Game'.


Together they hope to raise awareness about the issues that children face in conflicts around the world today. Earlier in September, sold three charity packages in which 25% of total sales revenue would be donated to the charity.

Wargaming presented a cheque to War Child UK, the total amount raised from the charity packages was €100,000. The following people attended this preceding:

Rob Williams, CEO War Child UK
Rinaldo Andreolli, General Manager, Wargaming Europe SAS
Ben Knowles, Fundraising Director, War Child UK
Richard Cutland, Military Specialist, Wargaming Europe SAS

action-mmo-games-world-of-tanks-screenshot (1) had the following to say about the campaign:

"Armoured warfare is something that believes should take place on people’s PCs at home and not in the real world. By supporting museums and other educational institutions that showcase the atrocities and consequences of armoured warfare, we try to support the efforts of ensuring that history is not forgotten and that people will not repeat the mistakes of the past that have brought so much suffering to so many people.

We are however consciously aware that in reality many children around the globe are affected by the horrific consequences of warfare and are in dire need of assistance. Children are always hit hardest by conflict. They are beaten, raped and tortured; their homes, families and schools are destroyed - everything a child needs to build a better future for themselves is lost.

Given these realities, has been on the lookout for an organization that shares our belief that children are not only innocent but also our only hope for a better future. Protecting children and helping them overcome the horrific conditions they are exposed to in armoured conflicts around the globe is an imperative that would like to support.

With War Child UK we have found a partner that is exceptional in many ways. War Child is not only actively promoting and helping to create conditions in conflict zones that allow children to be protected from the immediate effects of armoured conflicts, but is doing much more than that. By enabling children to receive an education and assisting families and young adults in acquiring skills that will allow them to make a living from a sustainable income on their own, War Child’s activities make a lasting difference in the life of many.

We are gladly supporting War Child’s efforts both financially as well as through raising War Child’s profile within our community. By alerting more people to the crucially important work War Child is doing, we hope to be helping to raise more funds so that War Child can reach and help more children."

To find out more about World of Tanks, visit the game page.