You can play World of Tanks on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. There’s a mobile version called World of Tanks Blitz, and coming soon there will be World of Tanks VR. Wargaming has teamed up with the virtual reality venture fun VRTech to form Neurogaming. The company already has 75 employees and their first project World of Tanks VR.

The partnership with VRTech involves two main projects; Cinema VR and Polygon VR. Cinema VR specializes in location-based entertainment that can support up to 4 players. So far there are 36 locations in Russia and last year there were 180,000 players. Polygon VR, on the other hand, is a platform that powers virtual reality gameplay on location. It has motion capture technology, software for broadcasting, and more.

World of Tanks creator Slava Makarov has said this about the project, “with location-based VR, we make the experience more affordable and accessible. Moreover, unlike any other developer, our biggest aim is to change the experience from one-time involvement to a long-term engaging story with co-op and competitive elements.”

There isn’t any word yet on what World of Tanks VR will be like but we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this and their platform.

From the sound of it, we’re going to start seeing VR cafes popping up like you used to see internet cafes. If so, this could be the future for VR which has proven to be a little too pricey for many gamers. Keep an eye out for Cinema VR franchises as it sounds like they’re going to be expanding in the future.

World of Tanks currently has over 140 million players worldwide. They pride themselves on the historical accuracy of their war games. Wargaming is also dedicated to preserving war history in the real world.

Source: VentureBeat