Blizzcon is just a few days away and with it comes the announcement of a new expansion. We don’t know for sure what the next expansion is going to be about, but many of us have a feeling that lots of water will be involved. Most believe we will be seeing the isle of Kul Tiras in the upcoming expansion and if this is true it would make sense why Legion brought so many aquatic mounts to the game. Here are the aquatic mounts in WoW and how to obtain them.

Darkwater Skate

Aquatic Mounts in WoW and How to Obtain Them

The first aquatic mount I wanted to talk about happens to be one of my favorites: the Darkwater Skate. This stingray can only be purchased during the Darkmoon Faire. The best part about this mount is how easily you can obtain it. You purchase it from an NPC named Galissa Sundew for 500 Darkmoon Daggermaws. Darkmoon Daggermaws can be obtained by either fishing them up in the waters around the Darkmoon Island, or you can purchase them from other players. I was able to simply walk into the Auction House, pick up the 500 Darkmoon Daggermaws, and purchase the mount for just a few thousand gold at the time.

Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder

Aquatic Mounts and How to Obtain Them

Up next is another unique aquatic mount: the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder. This mount will take a bit more time and effort compared to the Darkwater Skate. For you to obtain this aquatic mount, you must first attain Best Friend status with the fishing NPC Conjurer Margoss. You can find Conjurer Margoss on an island floating next to Dalaran. Getting Best Friend status requires you to fish up Drowned Mana from the pool of water next to Margoss. Your fishing skill doesn’t affect the amount of Drowned Mana you can fish up. Drowned Mana can be turned in to Margoss 1 at a time for 50 reputation or 10 at a time for 500 reputation. After you gain enough reputation, you will then require 100 more Drowned Mana to purchase the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder.

The quickest way to farm this aquatic mount is to join the group-finder and look for a group that is fishing together. Doing this will greatly increase the amount of Drowned Mana you gain per hour. Each player has a chance of fishing up Mark of Aquaos which has a use that says, “Toss the mark back into the water in Margoss’ Retreat.” Using this item will increase the amount of Drowned Mana that can be fished up in the pond. With a raid full of players using this item back to back, you will really cut down the farm time in half.

Pond Nettle

Our next stop on the aquatic mounts and how to obtain them is the Pond Nettle. The Pond Nettle has a very unique look to it, similar to a jellyfish. This aquatic mount is easy to farm, but could take hours to catch. To obtain the Pond Nettle, all you have to do is fish in any fel water on Argus. There are no quick tips to farming this mount, you just sit there and fish while praying to the RNG gods. It has a very low drop chance, so be prepared to spend some time fishing.

Fathom Dweller

Aquatic Mounts and How to Obtain Them

Like the Pond Nettle, the Fathom Dweller also has the jellyfish look, just a different color. Unlike the Pond Nettle you don’t fish this mount up, instead, you go through a process of clicking things throughout the Broken Shore to spawn a world quest boss called Kosumoth the Hungering that drops the Fathom Dweller. If you grab an Addon that will allow you to see coordinates on your map, it will make this process easy to follow.

First, go to Drak’thul at 37,71 on the Broken Shore and speak with him. Next, go to a cave at 57,52 and click on the mud at the end of the cave to get the Weathered Relic. Then go back to Drak’thul and give him the relic. Talk to him repeatedly until he wants you to leave him alone. After that, you must click on the orbs in this exact order.

  1. Aszuna Cave [38,37]

  2. Stormheim [32,75]

  3. Val’shara [41,80]

  4. Broken Shore [32,72]

  5. Aszuna Cave [59,13]

  6. On the World Map [67,14] look for a cave entrance under the neutral shark

  7. Highmountain [56,38]

  8. Aszuna Cave [53,26]

  9. World Map in a sunken ship [49,90]

  10. Broken Shore [37,71]

If done correctly, this will give you a World Quest to fight Kosumoth the Hungering. The World Quest changes weekly and has a chance to either drop the mount or a pet.

Riding Turtle & Sea Turtle

Aquatic Mounts and How to Obtain Them

I’m bundling these two together because they can be farmed for at the same time. Both aquatic mounts can be obtained through other means, but we will focus on the quickest and simplest way to farm them. In Warlords of Draenor, you are able to build and upgrade a fishing shack. You want to upgrade your fishing shack to level 3, at which point you can fish at your shack and have the chance to fish up an item called Lunarfall Carp for Alliance, or Frostdeep Minnows for Horde. When used, this item will summon a murloc that has a chance to drop a few different items including both of these aquatic mounts. Like the Darkwater Skate, this is farmed quicker through joining a raid through group-finder. The more murlocs being spawned, the better chances you have of obtaining these neat turtles.

Subdued Seahorse

Aquatic Mounts and How to Obtain Them

Last on our list is the Subdued Seahorse. This aquatic mount is the whole reason I decided to make this list. Before the most recent patch, the Subdued Seahorse was rare. Any that you would see on the Auction House would be selling for gold cap but with the recent patch, that’s all changed. The Subdued Seahorse is a drop off a rare spawn named Poseidus in Vashj’ir. The rare spawn used to be on a 72+ hour respawn timer, but with the recent patch that has changed to a much more reasonable 3-to-6 hour timer. This change is what makes me believe that Blizzard is trying to make sure every player gets an aquatic mount before the next expansion. With the shorter respawn time, the Subdued Seahorse went from being sold for gold cap to much lower, the smallest amount I have seen it go for was 200k, and it keeps dropping.

If you want this beautiful seahorse mount, I suggest just waiting for the price to drop and buy it out. With the short respawn timer, the spawn points are packed with players camping the rare spawn and because of this, I could see this mount going for only a few thousand gold in the next few months.

In a few short days, we will find out if we will need aquatic mounts, or if they will just be extra mounts to add to our collections. Thanks for reading another WoW Wednesday, if you have any questions or anything else you would like to add please feel free to let us know in the comments down below.