I truly enjoy when Blizzard decides to put hidden content in their patches and don’t mention anything about it. Patch 7.3.5 added a questline that walks you through a hectic day with the Postmaster himself. During this WoW Wednesday, I’ll walk you through the entire Dalaran Mailroom questline, getting you a brand new toy that allows you to check your mail on-the-go every 3 hours. Along with the normal questline, there are two Achievements that if completed will get you a neat little Mailemental battle pet and a new title; The Postmaster. Let’s get into it with the first quest, Lost Mail.

Lost Mail

Dalaran Mailroom

Before you even get the first quest you will have to make a decision on how you want to approach this first issue, as probably the worst part about this questline is getting the quest in the first place. You can choose one of two ways, the first is waiting for a letter to spawn next to the mailbox at the bottom of the stairs in Dalaran (shown in the image above), or buy the item Lost Mail from the Auction House for a pretty hefty price. Though at the end of the questline you will get another Lost Mail item that you can either give to a friend or put on the Auction House to hopefully get your money back.

A few comments on Wowhead stated that the spawn time for the mail was around 2 hours, but I had WoW running on my second monitor for hours and never saw it spawn once. I even resulted in having retail servers up and the PTR up camping for it to spawn, but saw nothing. I ended up having to spend 32k on the Lost Mail item.

After accepting the quest you must find your way to a warp pipe that you can interact with (shown in the picture down below), once clicked you will be taken down to the Dalaran mailroom and lead to the next quest.

Dalaran Mailroom

Return to Sender

This quest is pretty self-explanatory, click 9 of the floating letters around the mailroom and the quest is done. Once completed, talk to the Postmaster to take on your next quest.

A Huge Package

After accepting the next quest look around the mailroom for, well… a huge package. Click on the package and now you will be slowly RP-walking. Click the portal to leave the mailroom and head over to the ethereal portal next to the Antonidas Memorial with your sack filled with 1362 Solid Stone. No movement speed effects work here, though one thing I was able to do was swap into flight form and slowly fly over the buildings. Use the extra action button to throw the sack into the portal and head back to the Dalaran mailroom for your next quest.

Priority Delivery

Accept the quest and take the portal in the room taking you to Icecrown Citadel. Once there you’ll see the Lich King’s dead body lying on the floor with the ability to loot him. Heading over to his body, you will be met by some unfriendly ethereals that try to kill you to take the loot for themselves. Kill the ethereals and loot Invincible Reins off the Lich King. Sadly this amazing mount isn’t yours to keep. Take the portal behind you and head to Southern Feralas to find the not-so-nice Johnny Awesome. Accept his next quest and be prepared to have one of the saddest moments of your WoW life (unless you already have Invincible).

Dalaran Mailroom

Service with a Smile

Johnny Awesome tells you in a not-so-nice way that he already has Invincible and to go sell the mount to Hott Weedlespan at The Steam Pools. If I didn’t already have the mount, I probably would have rage quit this quest at this point, it would have made me so sad. After you sell the mount, head back to Johnny and give him the gold. Some people have said that you will get a mail from Johnny thanking you and giving you a Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing, but when I opened the letter I got a weird bug spamming me with already collected transmog items and Heirloom items, so I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen.

Due Reward

Your next quest is another quick and simple one. Head over to Hillsbrad Foothills in the Eastern Kingdoms. The grave you’re looking for is located in the Sludge Fields. In the middle of the field is a glowing Mimiron’s Head, click it and head back to the Dalaran mailroom for your next quest.

Dalaran Mailroom

The Mail Must Flow

This is probably the most interesting quest I’ve done in quite a while. Your objective is to sort 15 letters in 1 minute. You will enter a little mini-game and in this game, you will have a letter pop up in the middle of your screen with a city and zone name. Your job is to click on the correct tube for each continent. Complete this quest and you will receive The Total Package achievement along with another mail from the Postmaster containing a Bulging Package. The Bulging Package contains the Lost Mail item that started this quest chain, 16 Solid Stone, and the toy Katy’s Stampwhistle that allows you to summon Katy giving you the option to check your mail from anywhere with a cooldown of 3 hours.

Dalaran Mailroom


Post Haste – Sort 30 letters within 1 minute

Reward – Mailemental battle pet

Dalaran Mailroom

To attempt this achievement just talk to the Postmaster and ask to sort the mail again, but this time you’ll have to be a bit quicker, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get this achievement and the battle pet is pretty cool looking.

Priority Mail – Sort 30 letters using the partial address option within 1 minute

Reward – The Postmaster title

After getting the Post Haste achievement, talk to the Postmaster again and select the second prompt asking for more of a challenge. This achievement is a bit difficult if you don’t know your cities. This time you will only be given the city names without the zone names, making this very difficult. There is no limit on how many attempts you can do. Down below will be a bit of a cheat sheet that I found from a Youtuber named Mmrrggll, with one or two added that I ran into that he didn’t have on his list.

Cheat Sheet


  • Astranaar

  • Whisperwind Grove

  • Ramakhen

  • Gadgetzan

  • Lor’danel

  • Nighthaven

  • Feathermoon Stronghold

  • The Crossroads

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Kharanos

  • Sentinel Hill

  • Stonard

  • Aerie Peak

  • Goldshire

  • Tranquillien

  • Tarren Mill

  • Menethil Harbor


  • Sylvanaar

  • Altar of Shatar

  • Area 52

  • Zabra’jin

  • Cosmowrench

  • Cenarion Refuge

  • Thrallmar

  • Garadar

  • Honor Hold

  • Allerian Stronghold


  • Camp Oneqwah

  • Moa'ki Harbor

  • Kamagua

  • The Argent Stand

  • Nesingwary Base Camp

  • Conquest Hold

  • Valiance Keep

  • Frosthhold


  • Longying Outpost

  • Zouchin Village

  • Lion's Landing

  • Soggy's Gamble

  • Tian Monastery

  • One Keg

  • Halfhill

  • Thundercleft

  • Zouchin Village

  • Klaxxi'vess

  • Dawn's Blossom

Broken Isle

  • Meredil

  • Shackle's Den

  • Greywatch

  • Valdisdall

  • Azurewing Repose

  • Thunder Totem

  • Deliverance Point

  • Lorlathil

  • Bradensbrook