EverQuest's 23rd Anniversary Celebrations

By Ollie Bradley
17th of March 2022
The vintage MMO godfather is still alive and kicking at 23.
EverQuest 23rd Anniversary

MMORPG granddaddy, EverQuest , is still full of beans as it enters its 23rd year. Which is ancient by MMO standards. But the vintage MMO is proving that it's 'still got it' with a slew of celebratory events and rewards for players over the next couple of months.

As the first successful 3D MMORPG to hit shelves, EverQuest is often credited with shaping the MMORPG genre as we know it. So it's only fitting that we join in on the birthday celebrations and pay our respects to the godfather. So let's find out whether the update is an offer we can't refuse.

Vintage MMO EverQuest

As part of the 23rd anniversary, EverQuest is living up to its name by introducing a string of new quests alongside a new mission and raid. These include:

  • Quest - The Known Laws of Aviation - Giraga the troll has beseeched the sphinxes for information on flying fish after a warrior told her he'd train her 'when fish fly'.
  • Quest - Paintings Playing Poker - Big Slick Jones is looking for information about the other paintings around town.
  • Quest - Death Finds a Way - Krastoraab, Acolyte of the Cycle, is looking to regale a tale of life, death and everything in between. But first, he requires the help of some long-dead spirits.
  • Mission - Beyond Espoir - Players will be sent by Krastoraab to confront several disciples of the cycle in order to learn the significance of the cycle, and to reap some juicy rewards of course.
  • Raid - Mad Emperor - Eerie green lights and screams are emanating from Karnor's Castle - and it's no doubt up to the player to investigate.

Players over level 100 can also enjoy some classic activities, including the return of Sailor Twift and her Riveting Tales. Newer players (you've only had 23 years, after all) who have yet to break level 100 can partake in some lower-level quests including helping a lovesick Iksar. And until 20th April, all players will receive a gift just for logging in.

Now would be a great time to take a trip down memory lane in the vintage MMO - so check out all the details via the official website before taking part in the anniversary celebrations from now until 10th May.

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