The Fractured Online Weather System Sounds Extremely Cool

By Ollie Bradley
28th of April 2022
A new devblog has outlined a truly impressive Fractured Online weather & temperature system.
Fractured Online Weather System

Fractured Online has really turned up the heat this time. A recently published devblog has outlined an in-depth weather and temperature system for the upcoming sandbox MMO. And if anyone was hoping to escape the dreary weather of the real world by booting up a fantasy MMO, there’s bad news afoot.

Fractured Online Weather System
Fractured Online's Weather System Will Necessitate Player Action

To be perfectly honest, the new Fractured weather system is a truly impressive feat. The climate is now of serious import to players as they attempt to regulate their body temperature in order to avoid adverse effects. Doing so means keeping abreast of three main external factors: the biome, time of day and weather.

Weather is determined by a dynamic system of circular clouds that can spawn in different zones. Each one has a life cycle that involves growing, precipitating, then dissipating. Precipitation can range from rain to blizzards - a high intensity weather event that can also take the form of thunderstorms.

Preparing for snow and drizzle can be easier for some races than others, as each race has a different tolerance to certain weathers. And call us crazy, but we’re willing to bet that Demons aren’t great in the cold.

Fractured Online Weather System
A Taste of Fractured Online's Extreme Weather

Players are able to counteract extreme cold or heat in a few ways. The first, and most obvious, is to dress appropriately. Equipment will come with two special properties: Heat Insulation and Cold Insulation. Cloth-based outfits are best for ‘Cold Insulation’, though we all know nothing beats the heat much better than stripping down to one’s tighty whities.

But more desperate times may call for desperate measures, and extreme circumstances can also be counteracted with a self-inflicted spell blast. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cool, cool icicle spear to the face, after all. Alternatively, players will soon have the option of chemical assistance as temperature-altering potions (also known as a ‘hot cocoa’) are in the pipeline.

The dev blog goes in very deep on the Fractured weather and temperature system, and is a great read for math lovers. So to gem up on what’s in store, be sure to take a look.

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