The Tekken 7 x Elden Ring Mod We Didn't Know We Needed

By Ollie Bradley
31st of March 2022
Was it only a matter of time before we saw an Elden Ring Tekken 7 mod? Maybe not, but we're glad it's happened.
Elden Ring Tekken 7

You know a game has hit the mark with players when they start inserting it into other games. And thank the gaming gods for modders - because that's exactly what has happened with this Tekken 7 x Elden Ring mod.

Tekken 7 Elden Ring Art
Not quite as polished as the official title...

A Tekken modder supreme by the name of Ultraboy has managed to create a 'ridiculously well-made' mod which replaces the typical Tekken troupe with the all stars from the Lands Between. If you didn't think you wanted to see Elden Ring characters duking it out in a fighting game, well you do now.

You don't have to be an aficionado in either game to see how polished this mod is. A sentiment that Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada shares as he stated in a tweet:

"Um ... Sure, Elden is a Bandai Namco-funded title, and I was the production general manager in charge of Elden, so it's not irrelevant ... it's [a] ridiculously well-made mod but plz stop it lol."

Though Harada is content enough to allow people to create and enjoy mods freely, mods this well-made can often lead to mix-ups. In response to someone asking his thoughts on mods in general, he responded "Personally, I wouldn't say anything for your personal enjoyment. The only problem is that many people misunderstand it as official and ask us to support the problems it causes (I'm tired of this wrong inquiry)." Though that does lead us to wonder if the people who would literally have to download the mod first understand what a mod is.

The Tekken x Elden Ring mod features a who's-who of Elden Ring hard-hitters including Melina as Lidia, Ranni the Witch as Kazumi, General Radahn as Marduk and even Iron Fist Alexander, the Warrior Jar as Gigas. And because things aren't weird enough, Elden Ring's Giant Lobster makes an appearance as Heihachi.

Tekken 7 Elden Ring mod
Yes, this is the Elden Ring Giant Lobster Heihachi.

Needless to say, it's a beautiful sight to behold and we await Ultraboy's next mod with bated breath. In the meantime, if you're curious, you can check out the Elden Ring Tekken mod for yourself.

Images captured by Ultra Boy on Tekken using skins from Elden Ring. Bit of a minefield to credit, but there you are.

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