11x11 is a free to play online game in the football manager style. You create a football club, manage it and compete with thousands of real opponents in league games, friendlies and tournaments. Customize your team and lead them to victory, and possibly the 11x11 World Cup! It falls to you to build a stadium, manage and maintain revenue, and trade players, making all the decisions that will lead your club to victory... or defeat. Choose everything from your lineup to your jerseys, play in games with friends or players from around the world, and simply immerse yourself in the life and challenges of a football manager. Has it always been your dream to be a manager of a football club? Then 11X11 Online Football Manager gives you all the features you have dreamed of!

11x11 Key Features

Manage The Team - From constructing your stadium to managing expenses to deciding who to trade or cut, every aspect of managing a football team falls to you. Can you handle all the challenges and responsibilities?

Many Modes - Players in 11x11 can select an opponent for a friendly game, or they can dive right into a cup tournament - it's all up to you.

Climb Through The Ranks - Play games and compete in tournaments at any time, and spend the money you earn from matches to improve your stadium, sign new players, and more!