3001SQ is a buy to play first person, online multiplayer space colonization simulator and sandbox, set in a persistent sci-fi universe. In 3001SQ, players can move within and between spacecraft and space stations, as well as perform ExtraVehicular Activities, or EVAs, while exploring space and colonizing new worlds. Players can customize the look and layout of their primary vessel, their MultiPurpose Ship (MPS) which will carry them around the stars on their adventures. Team up with others to explore the stellar frontier, to build new colonies and extract and transport rare and vital resources, to defend your space from hostiles, and to create a living, breathing sci-fi world. The first person perspective of 3001SQ and the unprecedented freedom of movement combine to deliver an immersive space exploration experience not to be missed!

3001SQ Key Features

Personal Starship - Players in 3001SQ navigate the universe within a personal, customizable starship called their MultiPurpose Ship, or MPR. You can use your MPR to explore the galaxy, to just relax aboard, and you can even explore and customize the interior of the ship in 1st person view!

Programmable Virtual Computer - You can control ship and station functions with a fully programmable in-game computer to perform tasks from routine maintenance to autopiloting your ship, to various modding functions!

Evolving, Persistent Universe - Travel from the safety and security of the core worlds to the far fringes of known space, and work with other players to establish colonies and explore the unknown; in 3001SQ, you and your ship play an integral role in the story, and in the development of the game world!