4Story (also known as Gates of Andaron) is a Fantasy MMORPG similar in style to World of Warcraft for PC and iOS that allows you to create your own unique character, complete quests, party with friends and embark on magnificent adventures to slay terrible monsters and collect valuable treasure. 4Story also offers a diverse range of character choices, asking that you first choose between 2 factions, the Craxion or DeFugel, then between 3 races, the Elf, Fairy or Human, and finally 6 classes, the Archer, Assassin, Warrior, Summoner, Wizard, or Priest. Enter this beautiful, immersive world and begin telling your story today!

4Story Key Features

Your Type Of Battle - When you have chosen your faction, race and class you can also choose your type of battle.

Nonstop Action Battleground - This is an offensive defense team-based combat system where two teams of 3 players each attack the titans to place and kill them in the opponents base.

National Aerial Warfare - The aerial war is a kingdom based war. The battle does not limit the number of participants nor does it have additional conditions to join the battle.

Exciting Daily Territory War - Regardless of your level or class, you can join war and fight for your kingdom.

Much More - These where just a few of the many types of warfare. Additionally, 4Story offers a robust selection of equipment crafting options, thousands of quests, and a world thick with history and lore ensuring that no matter your preference, 4Story always has something to suit your specific style of play.