5 Minutes Rage is a 2.5D multiplayer arena game where two teams of robots go head to head in action-packed matches involving mayhem and cannon blasts. The rules are simple; kill the enemy robots, catch the ball, and get it to the goal! Play in local or online matches, in both competitive and cooperative modes, and enjoy the chaos! 5 Minutes Rage is a hybrid of a party game and a shooter: straightforward and fun, but also leaving space for the development of skills and tactics. Enjoy colorful 80s themed graphics, intense gameplay full of lasers and cannons, and the brief but engaging 5 minute matches, but above all else, get the ball in the goal!

5 Minutes Rage Key Features

Short Intense Matches - Enjoy intense multiplayer fun without commitment, and blast your enemies with lasers, bombs, and more. Get the ball into the goal to score, keep your opponent from scoring more than you, and have fun!

Alone, Coop Or Competitive - Train against or with bots, and sharpen your skills. Team up with a friend in 2 vs 2 matches, or go head to head in 1 on 1 battles. Play locally, casually for fun, or fight hard and climb your way up the leaderboards!

Advanced Techniques - The more you play, the better you'll become. Learn to master advanced techniques like deflecting projectiles, or throwing your enemies into their own goal holding the ball - humiliation!

Stupid Mechanics And Features - Enjoy silly minigames Rage Invaders and Lethal Rage. Express your feelings with in-game emojis. Customize your bots with unlockable cosmetic upgrades. Embrace the rage!