A Tale in the Desert, also known as ATITD, is an MMORPG set in ancient Egypt. A Tale in the Desert is a social MMORPG which does not include combat. Instead, a variety of social activities provide for the basis of most interaction in the game. The game's main focuses are building, community, research and personal or group challenges called "Tests". There is an in-game economy, including an amount of regional or global trade; however, there is no official, backed currency.

A recurring theme is a "newbie island" which established players can enter at any time: this allows them to train new players at their own leisure, and introduce them to the specifics of the game. After completing a series of tasks given to them, players may make their way to the mainland and begin the real game.

A Tale in the Desert has a legal system a controlled variant on Nomic which is generally restricted by what the developers can code, as well as the nature of such a system. With the legal system, players have the option to create petitions of various types, from the redistribution of expired accounts' materials, the direct ban of a player, or even a change in an avatar's sex.

A Tale In The Desert Key Features

Life in Egypt - Live as if your int ancient Egypt. Feel the atmosphere, hear the stories and be a part of it.

Law Making - Decide what is legal and illegal in Egypt. Your law will be added to the library. Make sure people obey your laws.

Citizenship - When you first start the game you are a Level 0 Peasant. To gain your first level you must complete the Principles of Citizenship.

Skills And Technology - Level up and gain new skill. use these skills for new technology and make your life complete.