Sometimes, gamers may not have the rigs required to dive straight into a fantasy RPG. But Abardon is a title from indie developer Chrike that affords anybody the opportunity to get their fantasy fix with naught but a browser. And it is unique yet charmingly familiar in equal measure.

Abardon is a great title for indie game fans with a hand-drawn 2D art style and simple-yet-effective gameplay. Players are encouraged to think about their actions, with challenges that cannot be overcome without the proper preparation. But once the right precautions have been taken, there’s loot aplenty to be won.

Abardon is a free-to-play title and anti-pay-to-win. Premium options may speed up certain processes, but there’s ample opportunity for players to work their way up off their own back. And accessing the wondrous world is just a click away.

Abardon Key Features

Turn-Based Combat - Thought-out strategies are a must with Abardon’s combat system. Wield spells to heal and deal damage against real-life and AI opponents. Powerful equipment won as spoils will aid in future bouts. So be sure to explore every facet of the monster-infested world.

Eclectic Races - Eight races from two distinct regions are available to play. In the mountainous Tarnos dwell the mountain giants, demons, black magicians and elven warriors. Whilst in the deserts of Vyndarn roam minotaurs, paladins, white mages and dragon knights.

Choose Your Own Path (Wisely) - Aside from their unique appearances, each race carries unique properties. For example, the Dragon Knight boasts high health, but comparatively low attack. Then players must choose their next move wisely, as many aggressive beasties are waiting to pick off the low-skilled.

Engaging Lore - The hand-drawn and independently made world of Abardon is begging to be lost within. Deep set divisions between races, a history of war and divine influence all have parts to play in the ever-unfurling story. And at its heart sits visions of ultimate conquest and divine superiority.