Absolute Force is a free to play shooter built using the Unreal 3 engine. As such, it's capable of providing much higher quality graphics that many of the current free to play shooters on the market. It also boasts real-time dynamic simulation, vehicles and distinctive game modes and an exclusive hero battlefield mode, whereby after a certain number of deaths, characters will be able to turn into a hero with heightened abilities.

The impressive visuals alone are enough to warrant a try, but the new game modes are likely going to be the secret to success - assuming they're as good as they sound.

Players can take on the roles of hardened mercenaries, either the fiendish Rotten Angels or the honorable Hands of Justice. They are able to use advanced weapons and military vehicles (aircraft and tanks) to fight battles in famous locations, mysterious islands, and modern cities from all around the world. There will also be campaign modes featured, where you can fight alongside your teammates against infected zombies and other dangerous enemies.

Even though the big and supporting community the game has been shut down at 0:00 AM on Nov.29th 2013. If this game looks fun you should try APB reloaded