Absolver is an action RPG with a handful of TCG elements which puts players into the shoes and behind the mask of a Prospect, a young hero who has taken a vow and become one of the Absolvers, an elite group of warriors fighting to maintain stability in the world. Players wander this fantastic and forsaken land, learning how to fight and how to use the myriad of melee weapons and powers that their work requires, as well as new cards for your combat deck, all in real time battles. Assemble an elite team of warriors to fight by your side as you explore the darkest dungeons and forgotten mines of the world of Adal, or when you step foot into the arena to test yourself against other players. Everything you do, every encounter, will have a lasting impact on the narrative and the world around you. Do you have the courage and skill to put on the mask of a Prospect?

Absolver Key Features

Real Time Combat - Take one of four tactical stances and prepare yourself to launch attacks, parry and dodge blows, feint, thrust, and more.

Define Your Playstyle - The weapons you focus on and the combat stances and styles you favor, as well as how you arrange attacks in your combat deck, will shape your character as you play.

Multiplayer Action And Story - Your choices and encounters shape the story, and so do the choices of others!

PvE And PvP Gameplay - Explore dungeons to retrieve rare items and loot from the depths, or step into the arena and test your mettle against others, alone or in team battles!