Abyss: Dark Arisen is a 3D browser action MMORPG by NGames. Based on Flash 3D development, the game provides exquisite graphics and a wonderfully free combat action system. Players can choose from three classes and a variety of stunning skills, and carve their path through an epic fantasy realm of swordplay and magic. Abyss: Dark Arisen offers a classic immersive fantasy experience with strange lands to explore and treasures to be won! Gain experience and fortune, but be ready to fight; fortune favors the bold!

Abyss: Dark Arisen Key Features

Choose Your Focus - Players can compete in daily quests and can decide if they wish to gain experience, level up, gain money, and more!

Epic Battles With Epic Rewards - Enter Elite Dungeons and battle your way through challenges and dangers to reap the rewards! Money, fame, and equipment are yours for the taking!

Honor Is Its Own Reward - Within Abyss: Dark Arisen, players can earn honor by competing in certain battle formats, and can be spent on special gear you can get no other way, like rings and necklaces.

Ride Into Battle - Players can charge into the fray on a trusty warhorse and gain combat power by doing so. Saddle up, and ride your enemies down like grass!

Many Paths To Power - Unlock the secret powers of Dragon Souls and Warsouls, search for epic equipment, or even grow wings to add new dimensions to your character; in Abyss: Dark Arisen, these are all viable ways to strengthen your character as you explore the realm and grow in power.