Acaratus is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a Medieval steampunk world, where you build and fight in mechanized combat suits. The world is under the control of a tyrannical emperor named Helios. A wealthy slave trader, Adina, begins to recruit and train slaves to fight back against the emperor's regime. In doing so, she unwittingly starts a rebellion, and thus a slave dealer becomes a stalwart defender of human rights. You are one of those rebellious slaves, and you must help Adina fight back, and free your enslaved people from this brutal regime!

Acaratus Key Features

Deep Tactical Gameplay - Enjoy the tactical depth of turn-based gameplay, and sally forth to battle in your immense steampowered war mech! Only you can save the world.

Vast Game World - Explore a large and randomly generated map full of challenges and surprises, random encounters, and more!

Customize Your Mech - Construct your very own battle suit! Take advantage of modular weapons, parts, and more, and build the steampowered war machine of your dreams.

Collect Cards - Find collectable cards that fit your play style as you play through the game!

Challenge All Comers - Fight it out against other players from all over the world. Enter the battle arena, and prove you are the best of the best.