Ace Online Europe, formerly known as AirRivals, is an Action MMORPG that allows you to take control of futuristic air-fighters called GEARS and battle it out in enormous battles with hundreds of players. Ace Online Europe combines exciting quests with epic 3D real time battles and RPG character development. The game offers you countless opportunities, so get in gear and hit the ground running! Players have a choice between many different GEARS and allows you to customize them in countless ways by changing the equipment, upgrading the individual parts themselves, or even replacing the armor frame, drastically changing their appearance. Take to the skies!

Ace Online Europe Key Features

You're In Control - The combination of a user-friendly interface and detailed 3D graphics gives you complete motion control - it's easy to use but also challenging.

Unique Gameplay - A unique mixture of RPG level concept and first person shooter (FPS) guarantees a fun game and loads of variety.

You Are The One - Two nations and their history... their differing strengths and goals give you countless career opportunities - start off as a basic pilot and fight your way to the top!

Epic - Triumph in bitter air battles for mother ships and advance bases and go into the arena to fight players from other servers!

Enjoy The Scenery - Glide through the versatile landscapes of Phillon: Valleys, seas, mountains and deserts, spaceships and the whole universe are waiting for you

Alliance - Fight in an alliance and in different flight formations, join a brigade and get your own emblem - playing in a group is great fun and you can work on your tactics!