AD2460 is a free to play massively multiplayer online science fiction strategy game. Set in a distant future, the game revolves around a race for the resource of the universe. You take control of your own home world and work to develop its technologies, facilities and military power in order to secure raw materials to improve your might in the universe. Along the way you will need to work together with other players in order to better protect your interests and grow. Can you manage your resources and your troops well enough to claim your own slice of space?

AD2460 Key Features

Develop Your Planet - Develop your outposts as best you can. These are the mining stations on worlds with a rich supply of resources. From here, raw materials are sent back to your homeworld where you can make use of them in your research, or production. These outposts are your key assets to help you grow, but they need to be defended; if left unguarded, they will surely fall into the hands of others.

Cooperate With Others - AD2460 provides a unique system of interaction between players, and a functional system for working together in alliances, where players work together towards common goals, share wealth and take on group challenges in order to enrich the alliance both with resources and technologies. The game also provides an alliance with ways to improve the alliance itself, giving permanent bonuses to all alliance members.

Create Your Fleet - Fully customizable fleets of ships give a full range of possibilities in battles. Capital ships are the basis of all battles, and there are many types to develop in AD2460 within the three technology types. Capital ships also carry fighter squadrons with them, and you can select what types of ships to fill your fleet with, giving a wealth of freedom to set up your ideal fleet.

No Page Loading - AD2460 offers a new way of interacting with a web-based game, with no pages to load. This allows for a seamless gaming-experience, and allows you, the player, to focus on the important things; playing the game and having fun. Every aspect of the game is fully integrated into the user interface, and will allow you to communicate via live chats, forums and an easy to use messaging system.