AERENA Masters' Edition is a buy to play tactical, turn-based strategy combat game featuring competitive, cross-platform gameplay and a few CCG like mechanics; the game is available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Formerly a Free to Play game, AERENA Master's Edition has gone to a simpler Buy to Play model, with no hidden costs or pay to win mechanics. Players will have to think a few turns ahead, combining the heroes with the correct ship and Aether Shells; Aether Shells are a tactical in game mechanic which operates much like cards in many CCGs, and your ship can equip 3 of them at a time. The unpredictability of AERENA Master's Edition means that no battle is over until the last blow has landed! Can you step into this demanding, turn based PvP game and come out on top?

AERENA Master's Edition Key Features

Turn Based Play - With turn based, one on one matches, twitch skills and immensely fast reflexes are less important than solid strategy and planning. AERENA Master's Edition is a game anyone can play!

Fast Matches - Players are treated to matches which last only 10 minutes, and gameplay which is quite easy to learn. The deeper tactical possibilities will take years to master!

Multiple Modes - Ranked League Match, Friendly Challenge, Survival Highscore (Single Player), Practice (Single Player)

Lots of Options - Combinations of 16 champions, 40 Aether shells, and 5 ships are possible. Lots of tactical options await!

Unpredictable - Matches are never determined early on; in AERENA Master's Edition, a well timed Aether Shell or move can turn a game around at an instant!