Aftermath is a free to play survival sandbox MMO featuring a huge post-apocalyptic game world spanning over 60 kilometers of explorable terrain. To survive, you must scavenge for weapons and supplies, learn to live off the land in hostile environments, and search for camps and provisions left behind by previous survivors, all while avoiding - or destroying - the zombies which plague the world. Work with other players to rebuild a functioning society, growing food, building structures and defensive works, and learning new blueprints for items to craft, or prey on others, killing and looting to survive. Will you be a trader, a protector, a bandit? In this action survival horror sandbox MMO based on the horror fiction of George C. Romero, you can do all of them at once, and more! Remember, aim for the head!

Aftermath Key Features

Explore - An enormous open world with many different types of terrain, from barren deserts to massive cities, players may fight, survive, and PvP virtually everywhere.

Survive - Overcome the odds and the enemies and make your way, living off the land, killing zombies and bandits, and searching for better weapons and equipment via a dynamic loot system

Society - Work with other players to rebuild a society, trading with them, working together, and meeting in PvP free safe zones

PvP or PvE - You can team up with other players and fight epic PvP battles, or liberate towns from packs of zombies and obtain extremely rare items and loot!

Customize - From your weapons to your clothing, everything about your character is up to you! Tailor your appearance with different clothing and weapon skins, and be who you want to be!