AfterWorld is a "free market economy" persistent-world massively multiplayer online game set in a science fiction setting of post-apocalyptic Siberia. Survive, trade and explore. Play with several characters of which each have their own unique story and background. It has a very other worldly feel to it and can provide endless entertainment. Craft your own weapons, ores and kill animals in order to stay alive. Loot and raid npc villages or tame animals, choose your way of playing and survive in Siberia.

AfterWorld Key Features

Skill Based System - Skills are learned and make your character become better at his activities. You start off knowing no skills. As you do something that gives you experience in certain skills, you will discover them. For example if you are mining, you will start discovering skills that come from picking rocks (strength, nature, etc.). You only see skills as you discover them so try everything.

Advanced Crafting - Learn and take part in an advanced craft system with branchy production chains currently containing thousands different items. If you can imagine it, you can likely make it!

Realistic Economy - A real-money trade in-game economic system designed in such a way that the resources farming does not ruin the balance but is a part of the gameplay for high-level characters.

Wide World - 18 picturesque locations covering more than 100 square kilometers of vast Siberian wilderness. Where will you go?