Age of Civilization is a free to play browser-based grand strategy game set in the European Middle Ages, with events and quests loosely based on historical and mythical events. Age of Civilization packs dazzling 3D rendered visuals, an advanced strategy-based battle system, and a stunning array of options for players to develop castles into powerful strongholds to use against one another. Players can become legendary leaders of the land in Age of Civilization as they meet and recruit a variety of famous characters and heroes, all rendered in a unique hand-drawn cartoon style. Heroes are often found at the Bar, waiting for a new leader to guide them through the dark ages and onto glory.

In Age of Civilization, you are one of the lords in King Arthur’s kingdom. you will be given a town where you can build a town hall, smithy, taverns and more. You can recruit heroes to fight under your flag. Battles are real-time and automated. Unit deployments are manual, you can choose if you want to assign specific type of units on a slot categorized: rear, middle and pioneer.

Age of Civilization Key Features

Looks Stunning - Unique art style and immersive graphics deepen the experience.

A Style Like No Other - Fantastic blend of history and mythology. Can you shape the course of history.

Lively Battles - Exciting and precise battle animations immerse you in the action.

Iconic Characters - Meet the characters from the era and experience the events as they unfolded.

City Building - Raising an army and technology research is no simple matter. You must design your city with all goals in mind!