Age of Rivals is a deep civilization-building strategy game for Steam and mobile combined with the elements of a fast-paced card game! There are many paths to victory in this competitive card drafting game featuring 12 unique characters and hundreds of cards, ranging from great pyramids and war elephants to sneaky spies and crafty merchants. You know those games where you spend 10 hours building up a huge civilization with a carefully balanced economy, military, culture and defense so you can prove that you are the greatest ruler ever? Age of Rivals is like a 10 minute version of that. With cards. Designed to be ideal for two players with 10 minutes, Age of Rivals is fast and fun, but offers immense strategic depth and tactical options!

Age Of Rivals Key Features

Twelve Unique Characters - Each character offers unique twists and takes on the game, and all are inspired by real life places and figures.

Loads Of Cards - Unlock over 200 cards with unique special abilities. These cards allow an immense amount of depth and choice.

Ranked Public Matchmaking - Take on all comers, from all over the world, and show what you're made of!

Private Friend Matches - Play friendly games with friends anytime, anyday, for fun or to test new strategies.

Alliances With Other Players - The best battle is the one you never need to fight. Form alliances and strengthen your position.

Daily Missions - Every day new challenges await! Complete them for fun and rewards.

Monthly Tournaments - Earn prizes and ranking in tournaments. To the winner goes the spoils, and the bragging rights!

Single Player Challenge Levels - Complete challenges against the AI! Perfect for times when you just want to play alone.