Age of Wulin is a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG featuring skill-based progression an an ancient Chinese setting. Experience a true Wuxia world as you join up with a sect, hone your skills in the martial arts school of your choice and become the ultimate martial arts master. There are no elves, dwarves, strange monsters and other fantasy creatures here. Great care has been taken to create a medieval martial arts world that is so real, you can almost taste it. While the kung fu skills you can master are amazing and downright jaw-dropping – you can learn to glide through the air, run up walls, and across water – no weird monsters or magical beings will cross your path and disturb the image of a perfectly crafted, realistic online world, just as it existed in China centuries ago.

The Age of Wulin RPG experience is an adventure like no other. There are no classes or levels, you hone your skills in various ways and can easily become immersed in the breath-taking living game environment. Over 20,000 NPCs inhabit the detail-rich landscapes, cities and villages, but they don’t just stand around – they live their own lives, have their own personalities and react to your actions in sometimes surprising ways.

Age Of Wulin Key Features

NPCs and Random Encounters - Every NPC forms their own opinion about you, depending on their own nature and your actions. Once you’ve created a big enough impression, be it in a positive or even a negative way, you might get an unique quest. There are a vast number of Random Encounters hidden throughout the game, and they can play out differently for each individual player.

Kung fu weapons & skills - You can choose your own path to becoming a master. You can decide your own origin story, and then join one of eight sects of kung fu Here you will learn and practice your skills; however, like a true scholar, you can travel and learn skills from other sects to gain more abilities and become a true master!

**Professions and Offline System -** You can take up a number of professions, which range from the more common blacksmith or hunter to something more original, such as painter, beggar, musician, or chess player. Each profession brings its own benefits. the opportunities are endless!