Age of Wushu Dynasty is an open world mobile MMORPG which immerses players in the world of Jianghu, a fantasy martial arts realm filled with heroic masters, competing schools of martial arts, and high adventure, set in the Ming Dynasty. Based on Chinese Wuxia fiction, Age of Wushu Dynasty builds on a foundation of inner powers and discipline, loyalty and vengeance, and the unseen powers of martial arts mysticism. The peace and prosperity of the Ming Dynasty contrasts with the warring schools and hidden powers operating in secret and darkness, in the far corners of the empire. With a graphically stunning world filled with places to explore, obstacles to overcome, and secret techniques to master, Age of Wushu Dynasty provides a martial arts experience like you have never experienced before!

Age Of Wushu Dynasty Key Features

Do What You Want - The huge open world of Jianghu provides opportunities for plenty of Player vs. Player combat, multiplayer team-based co-op, and social gameplay, providing something fun for everyone!

Choose Your Path - Players create a character from one of four mighty martial arts schools; will you strive for enlightenment among the Shaolin, or face your enemies with stealth and precision by following the way of Tangmen? Replacing the traditional class system of RPGs, these schools further deepen the fantasy experience

Epic Martial Arts Action - Chase your enemies across the rooftops, team up with other martial artists to pursue dangerous criminals, and learn to master the secrets of your school. Age of Wushu Dynasty provides exciting, non-stop martial arts action. Master your art!