Aika Online is an innovative Fantasy MMORPG that offers you a choice between 6 unique classes, and through immersive visuals and an original music score, provides a truly unique MMO experience. Aika Online's class choices are the Fighter, Dual-Gunner, Warlock, Paladin, Rifleman and Cleric, and the game takes the character creation experience farther and deeper than many MMOs, allowing players to experience the world of Aika Online from a immersive, fresh perspective.

Before time begin, the great goddess Aika created the land of Arcan, a world she hoped would become a utopia for all who inhabited it. To people this gentle land Aika fashioned the Scinic, a kind and just race who cared for Arcan and preserved the harmony with which the Goddess had infused their birth. After three centuries, however, the Scinic grew restless and disenchanted with the complacency of their existence. The Scinic elders blamed Aika for the lack of purpose which gnawed at the very core of their society, corrupting the goodness which lay within them. They wished only to sleep under Arcan's fertile ground until a time in which their lives could have more meaning, a request the goddess granted, albeit sorrowfully.

Aika Online Key Features:

Many Factions - 5 Nations with thousands of players dueling in endless war

Realistic Goals - Dynamic Castle Sieges, supreme warfare with power and politics.

Squad System - Up to 24 players can form a group to increase the chance to survive the war and raid.

Get The Gear - The Item system includes lots of great loot, and recipes to create unique and powerful items!