Aion is completely free to play, and was once known as Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Aion is an high-quality, visually stunning fantasy MMORPG from NCSoft that allows players ultimate character customization, and the ability to grow wings and take the battle to the skies! In Aion, you can choose to be either a winged Elyos or Asmodian. These are sworn enemy races, having been at war with each other for ages. Explore a world of breathtaking beauty ripped asunder by this celestial war. In this stunning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game, abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons, and massive Legion raids hone your battle skills to new heights. Take the fight against the dragonlike Balaur invaders into Balaurea, your common enemy's homeland, to save the shattered world you love.

Experience an exciting change in the way players can interact with their environment within a massively multiplayer world. With the power of the Crytec game engine, you will be able to climb sheer cliffs and fly through moving clouds. You will evolve Aion's storylines through social, economic and cultural experiences that are both interactive and cinematic.

Aion Key Features

Mindblowing Graphics - Prepare yourself for a visually astonishing game world via the power of the Crytec game engine; the graphics truly must be seen to be believed!

Spread Your Wings - Soar through the skies with thrilling character flight! See the world from the sky as you fly over mountains and through clouds.

Intense PvE and PvP Combat - Players can immerse themselves in the story of Aion, or they can challenge their skills against other players!

Immersive Story - Thousands of hours of story-driven content, with storylines that progress through social, economic, and cultural experiences in addition to the usual MMO-type quests!