Alert of War is a free to play mobile real-time strategy game with classical RTS elements, simulation elements, and a focus on engaging PvP play. You step into the shoes of a commander leading an advanced force of tanks, troops, and other science-fiction inspired units. In the aftermath of World War III, two immense factions continue to wage war against one another in an ongoing struggle for total control. You must choose your side, and then lead them to victory! To do so you will need to harvest energy and resources, form alliances, build your forces, and then, of course, you must fight. The fate of the world depends on you, commander!

Alert Of War Key Features

Get The Gear - To secure peace, you must prepare for war, and that means amassing your forces and weapons. in Alert of War, weapons and equipment provide better stats and also new skills. The great diversity of items and combinations will allow players to customize their tactical approach to suit their tastes and their needs.

Axis Or Allies - There are two main forces fighting against each other in Alert of War: Allies and Axis. Choose wisely and join one of them to fight the impending war. Players will be able to make new friends, obtain resources and fame and participate in PVP battles. Whatever force the players choose, they can also compete with fellow players to climb to the top of the rankings!

Classical Strategy Elements - The toughest battles and enemies will challenge the best you can give them, and force you to think tactically and quickly. Players have the chance to replay completed missions so they can sharpen their skills and devise new tactics. Whatever you do, however, you must be prepared to make difficult and decisive choices.