Alfheim Tales Online is a free to play browser fantasy MMORPG with exquisite anime-styled 3D graphics. Alfheim Tales ONline is set in a world full of dreams, glory and exciting adventure, a world you explore under the guidance of the Spirits. The clock is ticking towards the end of a 3,000-year circle of stagnation, which signals that a new magical period is about to begin; the allure of this magic calls to powerful people, both good and bad. Will you fight to save this world... or dominate it?

Alfheim Tales Online Key Featrues

Choose Your Battles - Even though the anime graphics are cute and adorable, don't let that fool you - the adventures are full of danger and excitement! Fight monsters or other players!

Everything in Your Favorite Style -The world is lively and there are many colorful characters, customized mounts, garments, fireworks, equipment and weapons. Players of all kinds are sure to find the kind of style they love.

Over 100 Kinds Of Pets - There are a lot of unique pets with different appearances waiting for you to be your their best buddy. In the world of Alfheim Tales Online, you’ll never travel alone. You travel with other players, but also with the pets that will never leave you and always step forward in every battle! You can choose from over 100 pets and train them.

There's A Lot To Do - There are events with great rewards! You are going to find all kinds of events, including special ones, such as arena, battles, instances, but also farming, tower defensing, chess and cards, and so much more unique events that can provide you with more experience you ever hoped for!