Alteil is a sophisticated, free to play online collectible card game with brilliant card art from some of the most talented artists in Japan and story-driven gameplay. With a mechanic in place which makes your entire 30 card deck into your hand, players in Alteil have the freedom to use strategies and tactics at a much deeper level than in a game where you're drawing cards from a deck. When it comes time to play a card, there is no guessing because your entire deck is laid out in front of you. Mouse over a card and the details of the card are revealed. With a few clicks, the chosen card is played. With over 1000 cards currently in the game, and more being added constantly, Alteil offers a dynamic gameplay experience that TCG/CCG fans would not want to miss! Control your forces and use your units' skills, spells, and abilities to best advantage. Are you up for the challenge?

Alteil Key Features

Deep Complexity - Alteil offers infinite levels of complexities that can be played on any browser or your iPhone, taking advantage of the unique properties of a digital interface to strengthen the game experience. What strategy will you build around?

No Random Draw - The Alteil deck consists of 30 cards and is literally your hand. When playing the game, you have access to every single card in the deck with the exception of a few rare cards; this enables players to utilize all of their cards to their best advantage, right when they need them!

Simple To Learn - Your deck is extremely easy to navigate through. Even though while you are building your deck you will only see the levels of the cards and not much more information. Alteil offers three levels of complexity, making the game is easy to pick up.