AlterVerse is an immersive VR world and game creation platform, designed to operate on new VR devices like the Oculus Rift; part MMO, part content creator, and all cutting-edge fun! In AlterVerse, players enter a variety of fully moddable worlds which they can explore, fight for domination of, and build in. The story begins aboard a command ship in a newly discovered solar system, and from here players may already choose many paths; to dogfight with other vessels and steal their stuff, or to begin colonization and exploration of these newfound worlds? Sculpt the terrain, build farms, fortresses, roads and bridges, and help shape your chosen homeworld into the society you've always dreamed of. The game is more than a simple content-creation sim, however! Players can engage in PvP and PvE combat, build alliances with other players, and lay siege to enemy strongholds. AlterVerse is a complete game experience.

AlterVerse Key Features

Fully Moddable Game Worlds - Players can explore and mod several different game worlds, each with different themes! From sci-fi to fantasy, AlterVerse offers a realm for every taste; from the snow capped mountains of Viken, to the dense jungles of Maya, to the inky emptiness of space. Will you command one of these realms?

Fight Other Players And Steal Their Stuff - AlterVerse offers a variety of game modes, both PvE and PvP, in a variety of settings! Raid other vessels in orbit or set off on epic quests on the surface!

MMO And World Builder - Players can craft. Or quest. Or fight monsters. Or explore space. Or ride into battle on a warhorse. AlterVerse is an entire game universe and creation system. You literally can do anything!

Customize Your Character - Not only can players determine what their avatar looks like, but what they do! Choose a fighting style, choose a direction, choose an allegiance!