Despite having been published back in 2018, Among Us rose to meteoric popularity during the pandemic-induced lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. As people were cut off from their family and friends, they used Among Us to reconnect with them, socialize with them, and then blast them out of airlocks.

Among Us is a simple social puzzle game at its core. Teams of players must fix the broken components of a spaceship (as well as other locations) by completing minigames. The twist, as inspired by deceptive board games such as Betrayal at the House on the Hill, is that not everyone is working towards the same objective. One or more players are randomly allocated as "The Imposter". The Imposters' role is sabotage the spacecraft, murder their companions, and generally just cause as much chaos as possible.

Both Imposters and non-Imposters can call meetings and accuse their fellow players of being the Imposter. If they are persuasive enough, then the accused will be "spaced" (sent straight out of the airlock). Non-Imposters win by catching all of the Imposters or completing the repairs of the spaceship. Of course, the more non-Imposters that are accidentally spaced, the harder that job becomes.

Key Features:

Deceive Your Friends - You'll never quite trust your friends and family again after discovering just how persuasive they can be. Playing as the Imposter is both the most stressful and the most fun role; the more creative the Imposter the better their chances of success.

Tense Minigames - While the minigames in Among Us are mostly simple enough, the pressure of knowing that an imposter could be sneaking up behind you at any point adds to the delightfully frantic feel of the game.

Hilarious Scenarios - With the ability to hide in vents, make people paranoid, and make false accusations, the potential for laughs and enjoyment in Among Us is never-ending.