Ancestors Legacy is a historical real time strategy game based on actual events and people from the Middle Ages. Choose your nation - Germans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, or Slavs - and raid, pillage, and explore your way to greatness. In addition to resource management and base building mechanics, players must also command their forces in large-scale, squad-based battles. Take full advantage of the resources available to construct bases and settlements. Use the lay of the land to best tactical advantage. Lead your forces in well executed attacks, and claim the wilds and settlements of Migration-Period Europe for yourself!

Ancestors Legacy Key Features

Choose Your Nation - Four different European nations await your command. Step into the shoes of a German, Slavic, Viking, or Anglo-Saxon warleader, and lead your people to conquest and glory.

Play Your Way - You can enjoy an immense single player campaign, learning the stories of the people and the land. You can also engage in epic and intense multiplayer battles. The choice is yours.

In Peace And War - You must carefully manage resources and locate settlements, and you must also be a skilled warleader. Balancing both parts of the game are required for victory.

Advanced Tactical Options - Lead your forces in squad-based battles. Take advantage of tactical opportunities afforded by the landscape. Pay attention to troop morale; even the toughest troops will eventually break!