In Ancient Summoner you set against European & American mythos, Ancient Summoner mixes RPG elements into the familiar elements of regular trading card games. Experience spectacular creature battles using the unique battle system and with hundreds of card designs, you will always find something new thorough card combination, extraction and fusion.

Players can build a deck full of creatures and heroes to drive them back, and use your kingdom's resources to gain new, more powerful cards along the way. Players will lead the mythical creatures summoned from cards to explore the world of mystery. Just how good were you are classic trading card games? Well why don't you jump into Ancient Summoner and show just how good you really are? Battle against other real players from all around the world in a PVP arena or just follow the story as you explore a strange new world filled with strange creatures.

Ancient Summoner Key Features

Gripping Storyline - Ancient Summoner features an epic campaign, full of peril. Experience the storyline through gripping battles, as you seek to uncover the mystery behind the evil besieging your lands.

Kingdom Development - Manage your resources carefully, and develop new and powerful cards. Form alliances with other players, and trade for goods and cards that way too!

PvP Arenas - Take a break from the quest, and challenge other players in arena combat. Face off in 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 modes, taking down opponents for glory!

Customizable Decks - Choose from several different creatures and heroes to round out your forces. Equip your hero with various items to make them even more powerful!