Andor - The Cards of Wonder is a cross-platform (PC and Mobile) fantasy CCG (Collectible Card Game) featuring five factions and five hundred different cards. Build a deck from the pool of cards and play against PvP and PvE opponents, and test your strategic skills. Will you be a Paladin, and defend the powers of light and purity? Or will you succumb to the lure of dark power, and step into the role of a Necromancer? Classic fantasy CCGs are enduring for a reason; they're a ton of fun! If you like fantasy-themed CCGs, Andor - The Cards of Wonder might be right up your alley.

Andor - The Cards Of Wonder Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Five different factions await, and each offers a different batch of strategic options. Then build your deck from a massive pool of cards and test it out against other players!

Balance Defense And Offense - There are three gameplay zones; a defensive line for each player, and a combat arena in the middle. Holding the battlefield confers special bonuses!

Anticipate Your Opponent's Actions - Spells are hidden after they are cast, adding an air of uncertainty to gameplay. You have to anticipate your opponent's moves and counter them if you can!

PvP And PvE Gameplay - The core of gameplay revolves around playing against other players in the arena, but there are dozens of PvE and story mode challenges too!