Andromeda 5 is a browser-based Space 3D MMORPG Game. In Andromeda 5 you can explore the beauty of 20 magnificent galaxies, where you could fight anyone f harmless freelancers, traders and space droids to the deadliest pirates, assassins and battlecruisers! Become a part of one of Andromeda 5's great fleets and take back the stars from your foes! With stunning graphics, intense PvE and PvP content and modes, and the vastness of space to explore, Andromeda 5 provides an immersive space MMORPG experience. Now, second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning!

Andromeda 5 Key Features

Play It The Way You Want To - New players have the possibility to go through the fascinating universe and storyline of Andromeda 5 or to jump into ship-on-ship fights with players around the world.

Stronger Together - Vast galaxies with various difficulty levels, where Andromeda is the galaxy, without a ruler and few have left it ever alive. If you want to stay alive there you better team up with your friends and be prepared to meet deadly and mystique aliens that would destroy everything in their way.

Pilot It Your Way - Huge arsenal of upgradeable ships.Opportunity to become the captain of various classes of space ships with different unique features. From slow, but heavy armored Destroyers to high speed Cormorants. Choosing the right type of class defines your strategy and success in the game.

Cross Platform - Andromeda 5’s innovative engine allows you to play in all sorts of platforms: PC, Mac, iOS. Something you don't see that often, a MMO on iOS as well as on your mac and pc.